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Recommendations for Cleaning

  • Leave the fresh tattoo bandaged for the first 2-6 hours.

  • Wash hands then carefully remove the bandage. If the bandage is sticking to the tattoo, it can be helpful to wet the bandage.

  • Wash the tattoo thoroughly with fingertips, using a fragrance free anti-bacterial soap and clean, running water. DO NOT scrub the tattoo.

  • Rinse the tattoo thoroughly, then gently pat (do not wipe) dry using a clean disposable towel. DO NOT use anything abrasive to wash or dry the tattoo such as wash cloths or bath towels.

  • After each cleaning, apply a small amount of unscented lotion to the tattooed area. Gently and thoroughly massage the lotion into the area until it is absorbed completely (do not leave thick film). We recommend using a mild, fragrance-free lotion, and check the ingredients for possible allergies.

  • Clean the tattoo using the previous steps 2-3 times daily for the first 2 weeks.

  • Do not re-bandage the tattoo, and do not use any other products other than unscented lotion, unless specified by your artist.

Other Recommendations for Tattoo Aftercare

  • ALWAYS keep the tattoo and surrounding area clean for the duration of surface healing (approx. 2 weeks).

  • DO NOT touch the tattoo during the healing process, other than during cleaning.

  • DO NOT submerge the tattooed area in any type of standing water.

  • DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo.

  • DO NOT expose your tattoo to direct sunlight or tanning beds until fully healed.

  • It is usually advised to wear clean, loose fitting, older clothing, over the tattooed area during the first night, as the new tattoo may secrete excess pigment and/or blood. Tattoos can stain sheets or other bed clothes.

  • It is normal during the healing process for your tattoo to feel itchy. It is also normal for small pieces of skin containing pigment to flake off, especially during cleaning. Do not attempt to intentionally remove the pieces of skin. DO NOT pick or scratch.

Tattoos generally heal quickly, although each person's healing process will not be the same. If you have any complications or concerns, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR ARTIST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

DISCLAIMER: These guidelines are based on a vast professional experience, common sense, research and extensive clinical practice. This is not to be considered a substitute for medical advise from a doctor.

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