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The Shop

Frenchtown Tattoo Company is located in the Historical Frenchtown District of St. Charles City, about a half hour from downtown St. Louis. Our studio incorporates the vintage feel of the neighborhood with the eclectic style of the tattoo artists that work there, creating a space that is unlike any other. Enjoy local art hung around the shop, as well as thousands of flash sheets that make up our ceiling. We strive to not only be a safe and clean tattoo shop, but also one that is welcoming.

Our Mission

Frenchtown Tattoo Company is tattoo artist owned and operated, which means the tattoo artist is at the center of everything we do. We believe that an environment conducive to creativity results in more masterful and meaningful artwork. By giving artists independence, and encouraging financial freedom, Frenchtown Tattoo Company has cultivated a space where the tattoo artist can reach their full potential.

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