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The artists at Frenchtown Tattoo Company specialize in custom tattoo designs, and are appointment only. The Tattoo Artists page has information on how to book with

a specific artist, or you can find

inspiration on our Tattoo Styles page.

Our Mission

Frenchtown Tattoo Company is tattoo artist owned and operated, which means the tattoo artist is at the center of everything we do. We believe that an environment conducive to creativity results in more masterful and meaningful artwork. By giving artists independence, and encouraging financial freedom, Frenchtown Tattoo Company has cultivated a space where the tattoo artist can reach their full potential.


Frenchtown Tattoo Company offers custom tattoo services for the St. Charles and St. Louis area.


We are currently not taking walk-ins, but we will post about any special walk-in events on our social media pages. Follow us to stay up to date on walk-ins.

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Appointments are needed for large tattoo designs that require a consultation and time for preparation. There are two ways to book appointments: jump directly to our Tattoo Artists page if you know which tattoo artist you would like to book with, or visit our Tattoo Styles page to view the artists’ work categorized by style

for more inspiration.


The artists at Frenchtown Tattoo Company specialize in various tattoo styles including: traditional, neo-traditional, black and gray, photo realism, new school, and watercolor.

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News, Features, & Trends

Take a look at our blog posts for information on what’s happening at Frenchtown Tattoo Company, tattoo design trends, tattoo styles, and more.



Frenchtown Tattoo Company hosts a variety of events in the St. Charles and St. Louis region, so we can connect with our community. We list all of our events, as well as any sales and promotions in our events section below. Subscribe to our email list to stay up to date on the happenings at Frenchtown Tattoo Company.


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