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Welcome, Lumière Laser Spa!

Frenchtown Tattoo Company would like to welcome their new sister company, Lumière Laser Spa! Owned by the Buschmann and Meyer-Heidorn households, and managed by Cassie Kennon, Lumière Laser Spa is evidence of the strong community atmosphere at Frenchtown Tattoo Company, and within the Frenchtown Neighborhood. Opening the laser spa was a team effort, and all who were involved are proud to showcase their brand-new business, located two doors down from the tattoo shop.

What does this mean for Frenchtown Tattoo Company?

Lumière Laser Spa offers a variety of laser skin treatments and microneedling services, but they also feature laser tattoo removal. Clients of the tattoo shop now have a nearby option for lightening or removing their unwanted tattoos before heading over to Frenchtown Tattoo Company for their cover-up. Lightening or removing tattoos opens up the client's possibilities for cover-ups, instead of being limited to a specific design.

Lumière Laser Spa uses one of the most advanced lasers on the market today—the PicoWay Laser System. The PicoWay laser uses a photoacoustic effect vs. a thermal effect, so ink particles are broken up using vibrations rather than heat. For clients, this means their laser does not damage the skin or result in scarring. Clients also do not have to worry about damaging or burning hair during permanent makeup removal or microblading removal. This laser works from the inside out, making it safe and efficient in removing ink, and leaving little to no downtime after treatments.

Laser tattoo removal isn’t the only thing their PicoWay can provide. Using the PicoWay Resolve hand piece, Lumière Laser Spa offers numerous skin rejuvenation services, such as acne scar and wrinkle reduction, pore minimization, pigmentation correction (treatment for age spots, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation), and treatments for stretch marks. In addition to laser skin treatments, Lumière Laser Spa also offers Exceed medical microneedling—which can be used in combination with laser treatments, or alone—to improve acne scars and wrinkles. Both the PicoWay Resolve and Exceed systems stimulate the body’s natural collagen and elastin production under the skin, resulting in a firmer, smoother skin appearance.

If you are unsure whether or not laser treatments are right for you, Lumière Laser Spa offers free consultations with experienced laser technician and spa manager, Cassie Kennon. Cassie received her certification in 2019, and has worked in the St. Louis area since her certification. During the consultation, she will go over the treatment process, what to expect both during and after treatment, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Cassie also creates a customized treatment plan catered to your specific needs.

Interested in scheduling your free consultation? Visit Lumière Laser Spa’s website: or give them a call at (636) 288-3960.

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