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Tattoo Trends: Pet Tattoos

Pets play a major role in our lives, giving us endless amounts of unconditional love, and oftentimes, hours of entertainment. What better way to honor our furry friends than to commemorate them in ink. The world of tattooing is changing quicker than ever, and with that comes new trends in the images and styles we put on our bodies. Pet tattoos have been on the rise. Whether a client is wanting to memorialize their furry best friend, or dedicate a piece to show their love, there are pages and pages of examples out there. In this post, we'll show you a few pet tattoos done by the artists at Frenchtown Tattoo Company.

As pet tattoos become more popular, we see them being rendered in many different tattoo styles. One way to have your pet's likeness recreated is through portraits, which include black and gray and color, and styles like realism and neo-traditional.

Jeremy Buschmann: Black and Gray Dog Portraits — Derek Heidorn: Neo-traditional Dog Portrait

Justin Kennon: Neo-traditional Dog Portrait - Benjamin Graham: Black and Gray Dog Portrait - Jeremy Buschmann: Black and Gray Dog Portrait

Dogs are not the only pets who inspire tattoos, cat tattoos are another popular choice among pet parents.

Logan Martin: Neo-traditional Cat Portrait — Derek Heidorn: Traditional Lucky Cat — Justin Kennon: Neo-traditional Cat Portrait

Derek Heidorn: Neo-traditional Cat Portrait — Benjamin Graham: Watercolor Cat Portrait — Logan Martin: Neo-traditional Cat Portrait

Some take a more interpretive approach with their tattoos, incorporating shapes like paw prints, watercolor textures, and their pet's name. Below are examples of illustrative pet tattoos that incorporate elements from different styles.

Jeff Bowman: New School Paw Print — Benjamin Graham: Cat and Moon Watercolor — Derek Heidorn: Black and Gray Paw Print

Tell us about your pet tattoo in the comments, or check out our Tattoo Styles page

for more tattoo inspiration.

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