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May the 4th Be With You, and Tattoos

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to tattoo design, seeing that there are many tattoo styles and selections of subject matter. One area of content that has grown in popularity is the imagery and iconography of television and movies. Many beloved characters and symbols are transformed into detailed pieces of body art, in the form of tattoos. So, in celebration of Star Wars Day—the informal holiday dedicated to the Star Wars franchise—Frenchtown Tattoo Company has collected some of the artists' best Star Wars tattoos to share with our readers. For all of our die-hard Star Wars fans out there, we bring you tattoos from the artists at our St. Charles based studio, and inspiration from a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars Boba Fett tattoo

Neo-traditional Boba Fett by Devon Plopper

Rebel Alliance Symbol Star Wars tattoo

Watercolor Rebel Alliance Symbol by Devon Plopper

neo-traditional death star tattoo

Neo-traditional Death Star by Logan Martin

Traditional Darth Vader by Derek Heidorn

neo-traditional storm trooper star wars tattoo design

Neo-traditional Storm Trooper Design by Devon Plopper

Illustrative Cicada Storm Trooper Sleeve by Devon Plopper

illustrative autism puzzle piece tattoo

Illustrative Autism Puzzle Piece R2-D2 by Logan Martin

new school style darth maul tattoo star wars

New School Darth Maul by Devon Plopper

We hope this post has motivated some of our readers as they celebrate Star Wars Day, and maybe they are thinking about their own Star Wars inspired tattoo. The Force is strong at Frenchtown Tattoo Company; may the Force be with you.

Click on the artist's name or photo to view information on how to book them, or visit our Tattoo Artists page to view all of the artists at Frenchtown Tattoo Company. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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