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Artists at Frenchtown Tattoo Company Bring Home Awards

Every year, the St. Louis Classic Tattoo Expo sees a gathering of tattoo artists, whose wide variety of styles and designs are put on display for all to see. The expo incorporates competition and networking in a weekend long event, where artists get the chance to be acknowledged for their talent and hard work. At this year's expo this past weekend, two artists in particular who both call Frenchtown Tattoo Company home, not only competed in the various categories, but also brought back multiple awards highlighting their unmistakable talent. The Frenchtown Tattoo team wants to congratulate artists Justin Kennon and Devon Plopper!

Both Justin and Devon earned awards in Best Large Color for their bold, vibrant designs, and Devon also won an award for Best Full Leg Sleeve. There are many similarities between these two: they both are coming up on ten years in the tattoo world, they joined Frenchtown Tattoo Company at about the same time, and they're both all about their families, but they also have their own distinct and dynamic styles. Pictured below are the incredible award-winning tattoos that also depict their unique expressions.

We are excited to be a part of Justin and Devon's journeys and to watch them grow, not only as artists, but in all areas of their lives. For more information on their availability and to find out how to request an appointment, you can visit each of their profiles here:

Justin Kennon - Devon Plopper

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